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Chronology of Rachel Carson’s Life and Work

1907 May 27 Carson born in Springdale, Pa.
1918 September Published first story in St. Nicholas Magazine
1925 -1929

Carson attends Pennsylvania College for Women; majors in science.

Carson goes to Woods Hole, MA to study marine biology.

Begins graduate work in zoology at Johns Hopkins University

1932 May Graduates with MA in zoology from Hopkins; goes again to Woods Hole to study at Bureau of Fisheries.
1935 Writes radio scripts for Bureau of Fisheries and publishes articles on natural history of the Chesapeake Bay for The Baltimore Sun. Writes “The World of Water” later published as “Undersea” in The Atlantic Monthly, September, 1937.

Father, Robert Carson dies.
1936 -1952 Appointed Junior Aquatic Biologist with the Bureau of Fisheries, U.S. Department of Commerce. Becomes staff biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service,
1939 retires as editor in chief of all USFWS publications.
1937 Sister, Marian Carson Williams dies, leaving two daughters Virginia and Marjorie who live with Rachel and her mother.
1941 Under the Sea-wind. A Naturalist’s Picture of Ocean Life published by Simon& Schuster.
1947 Publishes first of five pamphlets in Conservation in Action series for USFWS.
1950 Confirmed breast tumor removed. No further treatment.
1951 The Sea Around Us., excerpted in “Profiles” of The New Yorker. The Sea Around Us published by Oxford University Press. Resigns from Government service to write full time.
1952 National Book Award for Non-fiction for The Sea Around Us; Roger Christie, Marjorie’s son born. RKO film version released; Awarded the John Burroughs Medal, April 1952. The Henry Grier Bryant Gold Medal, Geographical Society New York Zoological Society Gold Medal. Awarded a Simon Guggenheim Fellowship for research on tidal life.
1955 The Edge of the Sea published by Houghton Mifflin Co.
1956 July “Help Your Child to Wonder,” Women’s Home Companion. Published posthumously as The Sense of Wonder, Harper& Row, 1965.
1957 Rachel adopts Roger Christie after the death of his mother.
1960 April Carson has radical mastectomy for breast cancer.
1962 June First of three installments of Silent Spring published as Reporter at Large in The New Yorker September Silent Spring published by Houghton Mifflin December Silent Spring, a book-of-the-month club selection
1963 January Albert Schweitzer award from Animal Welfare Institute April 3 CBS Reports airs “The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson.”
1963 June 3 Carson testifies on the misuse of pesticides; US Senate Subcommittee of Government Operations. 88th Cong. 1st.sess.
1963 June 6 Carson testifies before the US Senate Committee on Commerce December Awarded the National Audubon Society Medal. Inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters.
1964 April 14 Carson dies in Silver Spring, Md. at age 56.

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